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Progress indicators

Progress indicators, or “loading spinners,” indicate content is loading and users must wait before continuing to use an app.

Optimize the watch speed by using spinners only when waiting for a server in the cloud, like for search results, but not for local computations like calculations made by the watch itself.

If the user is waiting for a watch-based activity, avoid using progress spinners because they actually increase the wait time for actions to complete. You may use spinners for internet-based activities.

Loading inline content example 1

Loading a state change

Loading content on infinite scrolls

Loading content at the bottom of a list

Launching apps

Instead of progress spinners, use launch screens with placeholder UIs or branded content. Launch screens prepare users to engage immediately as an app starts by familiarizing them with the content.

The Material Design spec describes progress indicator behaviors and states in more detail.

Progress indicator Expand and collapse content An arrow that points down when collapsed and points up when expanded.

Progress indicators are visual indications of an app loading content.