Interactive patterns Display reticle

Display reticle

Users can somewhat accurately target small objects just by moving their gaze. However, it is considerably easier for users to do fine targeting tasks if given a visual reticle (visual aid to track targets) to help them aim. Display a reticle when the user is doing fine targeting.

If you are concerned that displaying a reticle may reduce immersion or create unnecessary visual clutter, follow these guidelines:

  • Display the reticle only when the user approaches a target that they can activate.

  • Project a light source, or design obvious hover states, for objects that the user can target.

Reticle size Expand and collapse content An arrow that points down when collapsed and points up when expanded.

If you display a reticle, render it stereoscopically (creating the illusion of depth) and so that it projects spatially onto targeted objects. If the reticle hovers several meters in front of a target object, it may be difficult for users to focus on both the reticle and the object beyond it.

Reticle size may either scale proportionally with depth of movement, or maintain a fixed size so that it is easy to see at all times.