Guidelines User input

User input

The interaction pace on Android Auto must be controlled by the driver.

All tasks must be able to be completed with at least one hand on steering wheel and with brief, sequential glances. Sequences of interaction must be interruptible and resumable at a logical point. Additionally, system feedback needs to be timely and clear. Features that may distract the driver when the vehicle is in motion should be disabled. For example, manual texting is not permitted while driving.

A crucial element of Android Auto is efficient access to content, usually achieved by limiting the number of taps required to access content. When Android Auto is on a compatible car display, drivers must be able to get to playable content within 6 steps. A step is any commitment on the screen (tap or selection) that takes the user to another view. Steps include selecting an item and scrolling forward to display new content. Scrolling backward to previously viewed content is not considered a step and does not count toward the tap limit.